About Masqueraders Carnival Club

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Masqueraders Carnival Club was founded in 1985 by a group of friends, mainly from Young Farmers’ organisations. On 8th December the first official meeting of the club took place at the Countryman Inn, Meare. The objective of the club was to build a Carnival Cart and to raise money for that purpose alone.

At this meeting it was decided that all persons attending would become the founder members of the club and an option to become a founder member would be offered to those persons who attended a pre meeting held at the home of Pete and Sue Hill on 30th November 1985.

The founder members were:

  • Mr. Mark Allman
  • Mr. Pete Hill
  • Mr. Jeremy Hale
  • Mrs. Caroline Kent
  • Mr. Dave Osbourne
  • Mr. Pete Rendell
  • Mr. Richard Vowles
  • Mr. Dave Churches
  • Mrs. Sue Hill
  • Mr. Paul Hembury
  • Mr. Mike Kent
  • Mr. Mark Petheram
  • Mrs. Nerina Vowles

After a period of discussion a set of rules for the club where derived and from this a committee was duly elected. It was agreed that the club would enter the Comic Feature Class, participating in all county carnivals. The following year the club decided to opt out of entering into the comic feature class and instead enter into non-comic feature, where they have remained since.

The club has been based in Meare, Glastonbury ever since. In 2006 our time at the Countryman Inn was brought to an end and the club started a search for a new base. Marg and Mike at The Railway Inn, Meare happily welcomed the club and we have been meeting there ever since.

Since starting in 1985 the club has had unparalleled success and in the past thirty years have been in the top 4 of the Feature Class; winning this section ten times. In 1998 we won the Starkey Cup (Overall Champions) for the first time, and have won this cup either independently or jointly 6 times since, the last time in 2007.